At present, the world famous brand bearing manufacturers pay unprecedented attention to the Chinese market. Mechanical bearings distributors which are known as a bridge between manufacturers and users will face a new market environment. How to find new opportunities for development and establish the unique advantages of enterprises, become our common topic of concern.

Based on years of bearing sales experience and in-depth understanding of the industry, our company was established with a clear market positioning at the very beginning 。 Based on the superior purchase channels and high-quality services, we conducted a thorough understanding about the bearing application。We strive to provide a full range of related services for all sectors, and truly solve the worries for the user to achieve worry-free operation。Our users are throughout the country, Hong Kong, southeast Asia and other regions。

Our imported bearings and related accessories mainly applied to various kinds of imported equipment, high precision machinery and other industries. Applications are machine tools, metallurgy, aerospace, petrochemical, chemical fiber and textile, machinery manufacturing, motor, power generation, clothing machinery, electric tools, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, mining, paper making, printing and wire cutting, etc.




In modern large-scale papermaking machinery, a large number of rolling bearings of various specifications and models are used in a large amount. In order to avoid the loss caused by the shutdown, the bearing must have a high degree of reliability.Special attention should be paid to the different types of paper machines and their different parts may have different bearing special requirements.


                                            Thermal Power

The high quality bearings provide a solid guarantee for the safe and efficient operation of the thermal power equipment.The thermal power industry can be described as one of the most challenging applications of mechanical equipment and its components. Bearing performance has also become one of the major concerns of thermal power industry enterprises。


                                       Cement Factory

Beginning in the 1820s, mankind began to make use of virgin cement to experience the primary extremes of bottle kilns, shaft kilns and shaft kilns for 100 years。 In the 1920s we entered the rotary kiln era。 Since then, bearings that support and maintain rotation have also become one of the key components in the cement industry。


                                   Mining Machinery

Mining machinery is a kind of machinery that is used directly for mining and seeding, including mining machinery and mineral processing machinery。 Broadly speaking, prospecting machinery also belongs to mining machinery. In addition, a large number of cranes, transports, ventilators and drainage machinery are used in mine operations。


                                         Wind Power

Wind turbine bearings can be roughly divided into three categories, namely: yaw bearings, pitch bearings, drive system bearings. One set of yaw bearing for each wind turbine and equipment is equipped with three sets of pitch bearings (some of the wind turbines below megawatts are non-adjustable blades without pitch bearing).




Whether you focus on exploration and development, transportation storage or processing, high-quality components are critical。Good bearings help you achieve your enterprise development goals。



From the body seals, to the engine, the steering system to the suspension, transmission system, bearing application is very extensive.Bearing performance is critical.



God long Explorer - high-speed elevator traction machine Spherical roller bearings for high-speed elevator traction machine spindle, traction machine speed 1800 r / min, the product has high speed, high reliability, seismic characteristics.